Rabbit mini exams at home: the back half

Rabbit mini exams at home: the back half

If your rabbit’s fine with some probing cuddles, you may be able to do a mini exam at home. Here’s how that might go, examining your bunny’s back half.

Start by noting any abnormalities in stance or gait, then assess body condition. Do the ribs protrude or you can you feel them at all? Next, gently feel along the legs and feet, noting swelling, sores or overgrown nails.

Now take a good look at your buddy’s fur. Is it shiny, smooth and full or matted and dull? Are there bare patches? Flaky skin or tiny dots might indicate parasites, especially if your rabbit’s itchy. Moving along the chest and abdomen, feel for any lumps or swelling.

Finally, check for fecal or urine staining and note the character of your rabbit’s droppings and urine.

If anything seems off, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for further evaluation.

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