Picking plants that keep cats safe

Picking plants that keep cats safe

Even though they’re carnivores, many cats like to nibble on plants. The trick is providing plants that safely satisfy their natural instincts while staying away from toxic varieties.

In the safe category, sprouting grasses fill the bill. Some pet stores offer cat-friendly seed blends and nurseries usually carry wheat or rye grass seeds. Fresh valerian and catnip — of course — provide other options.

Toxic plants comprise a long list, some of the most dangerous being lilies, dieffenbachia and philodendron. You’ll also want to steer clear of ivies and yews. And for cats who like to dig up plants and play in the dirt, amaryllis, daffodils or tulip bulbs can spell trouble.

As for your favorite houseplants, you can try spraying them with a deterrent product from the pet store or applying hot sauce to keep curious cats away.

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