Pets and heat: the struggle continues

Pets and heat: the struggle continues

Regardless of public service announcements and gut-wrenching news reports, some pets still succumb to heat in the summer. Why is that?

Well-meaning pet parents may not realize how quickly heatstroke comes on. Leaving a pet in a closed car for just a few minutes on a warm day can be deadly.

Dogs are especially sensitive. Remember: humans can sweat, but your dog can only use his tongue and footpads to release excess heat. So, if you think it’s hot, it’s much worse for your pooch.

That’s why it’s best to leave your pet home on warm days. But watch that cool backyard. As the sun crosses the sky, shady areas can become heat traps before you know it.

Instead, our pets are safest inside, free to roam and choose a comfy temperature zone. That — and access to plenty of fresh water — are sure-fire ways for pets to keep their cool.

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