Pet-proofing your holidays

Pet-proofing your holidays

It’s holiday time again, with its festivities and tasty treats. And while our pets can join in on some of the fun, there are important exceptions.

Chocolate, grapes, raisins and the sugar substitute xylitol [ZĪ-lit-all] are just some of the delicacies that are poisonous to pets. But a less talked-about toxin is raw bread dough. Once eaten, the yeast turns into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol, potentially causing bloat or poisoning in turn.

But festive foods are only some of the danger. Visiting guests may leave toiletries and medications lying about, any of which might tempt your pet. And even one taste of a warm liquid potpourri set up for the holidays could poison a curious cat. Mistletoe and holly are other toxic decorations to keep away from probing pets.

So before too much family fun, be sure you’ve pet-proofed your holidays.

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