Pet parents: a valued part of the anesthesia team

Pet parents: a valued part of the anesthesia team

For many, veterinary anesthesia is a black box. If your pet needs a procedure requiring anesthesia, you simply trust the veterinary team to keep your pet safe. But in reality, you play an important role in the process.

In new guidelines for dogs and cats, the American Animal Hospital Association describes anesthesia as a continuum of care that begins and ends in your home. After you bring your pet in for evaluation, the veterinary team creates an individualized anesthesia plan. Once that’s fully explained, it’s your time to ask questions.

When the day arrives, it’s up to you to fast your pet, give medications as indicated and calm your buddy en route to the clinic. Afterward, you should be able to rely on discharge instructions to monitor your pet.

Veterinarians and technicians are aware of your awesome responsibilities. That’s why you’re such a valued part of the anesthesia team.

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