Pet-parenting bloopers

Pet-parenting bloopers

Wouldn’t you love to hear what veterinarians really think about our pet-parenting skills? Well, here’s your chance.

When asked to name some of the most common mistakes pet parents make, many docs mentioned clients taking medical advice from other folks over their veterinarians.

Other faux pas include allowing pets to get chubby or not taking care of their teeth. Neglecting nail care also frustrates veterinarians, because they have to treat the consequences of overgrown nails.

Another blunder that has lasting effects is not socializing puppies. Once that window closes at 14 to 16 weeks of age, it’s much tougher to introduce a little pooch to new people, places and things.

Finally, veterinarians bemoan owners skipping a pet’s annual checkup, because it denies them the chance to pick up on subtle problems.

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