Pay attention with retractable leads

Pay attention with retractable leads

Retractable leashes are a hit with lots of pooch parents. They let dogs explore while keeping them relatively close. But there are other things to bear in mind as well.

Pooch parents need to be aware when the leash is on the open setting. That’s when dogs can roam farther away—sometimes far enough to get into traffic or a scuffle with another dog. It’s especially important when walking a pooch in a busy city. And if a pet parent locks the leash just as their dog is charging off, the pooch can suffer serious neck injuries.

It’s not just dogs that can be injured. Sometimes people get caught up in the leash and fall. In addition, serious hand injuries can occur if a person grabs an opening or closing leash.

Retractable leads have valuable pros, but pooch parents need to be alert to the cons as well.

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