Pandora syndrome: a network of feline frustrations

Pandora syndrome: a network of feline frustrations

When Pandora opened her magical box, she released a host of vexing problems. For that reason, Pandora syndrome is an apt moniker for a web of feline ailments.

Although the term was coined to categorize chronic lower urinary signs — like painful or inconsistent urination — it now encompasses a broader range of conditions that can involve nearly any of a cat’s body systems. Common threads include a history of stressful episodes, presence of several health problems at once and varying clinical severity based on the cat’s environment.

At its core, the Pandora syndrome involves a constantly activated stress response. The good news is that most clinical signs resolve with positive tweaks to a cat’s environment.

If your feline friend has undiagnosed medical or behavioral problems, ask your veterinarian about Pandora syndrome.

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