Opening our hearts to grieving pet parents

Opening our hearts to grieving pet parents

We bond with our pets more than ever before. That’s why the aftereffects of euthanasia can be so devastating. And when folks around a grieving pet parent just don’t get it, the pain can be even more intense.

It’s no wonder that many people become anxious or depressed after losing a pet. Some even experience physical symptoms.

For those whose friends and family don’t understand, others can fill the void. Grief counselors, support groups and support hotlines provide wellsprings of support. Still, a recent survey showed nearly 75% of people who’ve had to euthanize a pet mourn alone. And when grief doesn’t have a place to go, it can create even bigger problems.

So, if you have a friend or family member who’s lost a pet, take time to listen. Your heartfelt concern may be just what they need.

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