Non-opioid ways to treat pain in pets

Non-opioid ways to treat pain in pets

Physicians aren’t the only medical professionals fighting the opioid crisis. As victims of opioid addiction seek more ways to access drugs, veterinarians are being drawn into the fray, too.

In their efforts to help curb drug diversion, veterinary specialists are developing opioid-sparing ways of treating pain in animals. Late in 2018, the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia along with the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management published guidelines for treating pain in animals using non-opioid drugs.

They suggest using non-anesthetic doses of certain anesthetic agents. In addition, certain anti-inflammatory agents can alleviate pain. Nonpharmacologic methods — such as acupuncture and physical therapy — can also help.

So there are ways to treat pain that keep pets, and their parents, safe.

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