Kittens, kittens everywhere

Kittens, kittens everywhere

Every year, feral cats start breeding in January. By March, kitten births have spiked and won’t slow until fall. So during kitten season, shelters are inundated with fragile little felines.

Part of the problem is human nature. Well-meaning folks who find a litter of kittens may think mom is gone for good. But chances are, she’s just looking for a meal. Unless the kittens are in imminent danger, it’s best to leave them alone and check in periodically.

That’s because mama cats know best. If you take newborn kittens to a shelter, they need to be kept warm and fed every two hours around the clock until they ready for adoption. That level of TLC isn’t possible without a dedicated team of volunteer foster parents.

If you’re looking for a pet in the next several months, consider a kitten. There’ll be loads that need forever homes.

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