Keeping things chill with pooch interactions

Keeping things chill with pooch interactions

In our attempts to communicate with our dogs, sometimes we unintentionally do more harm than good. Here are some tips on keeping things chill during pooch interactions.

Anything that could be misconstrued by your pup as aggressive should be off the table — that includes blowing in your dog’s face, making loud noises, staring or hugging. These may seem like playful interactions to us, but dogs perceive them as threats.

Forcing shy dogs to socialize with other dogs or people can be stressful, too. On the flip side, yanking pups away from smells or other means of exploring their environment can also be irritating.

Finally, negative reinforcement, like punishment or using pinch or choke collars, is damaging to dogs, both physically and emotionally. Instead, be generous with your praise whenever it’s warranted.

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