Winter Cat

Keeping outdoor cats comfy in winter

Try as you might, does your cat refuse to live inside? If so, here are some ways to keep your feline friend safe during the winter.

Once temperatures fall into the low 40s, extra shelter is a must. Start with a ready-made pet house or a wooden box, and insulate it with foam board or blankets. Then add an old sleeping bag or blanket for bedding. Make sure to check it every morning and replace wet bedding. Put the shelter in a garage or covered porch, and raise it off the ground for added warmth.

Make sure your cat always has fresh water by using a birdbath heater. And plenty of food is a must. Remember, it takes extra calories to stay warm. Just make sure your cat is getting it and not the local wildlife.

Finally, no matter how rugged some cats are, they’re no match for really harsh weather. For that, they’ll need the comforts of indoors.

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