Keep pot far away from pets

Keep pot far away from pets

With marijuana legal in so many states, it’s more accessible than ever. That makes it more of a potential danger to pets.

Make no mistake: pets don’t get an enjoyable “high” from pot. Instead, they experience anxiety and agitation that can range from mania and incoordination to seizures and death. There’s no diagnostic test for marijuana, so veterinarians rely on accurate histories from owners to help struggling pets. And because there’s no antidote, treatment involves supporting animals through 24 hours or so until they recover.

Fatalities used to be rare in exposed pets, because most marijuana contained only small amounts of the psychotropic chemical THC. But now, some batches of pot are much more potent.

However you approach marijuana in your life, don’t let your pet anywhere near it. It can cause them a world of hurt.

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