Keep pets away from spoiled food

Keep pets away from spoiled food

If you choose to eat foods past their expiration date, that’s your business. But when it comes to feeding your pet, veterinarians suggest you toe the line.

Expiration dates anticipate the rate of microscopic spoilage, depending on the food content and environmental factors. Just because you can’t detect  spoilage doesn’t mean expired food is safe for your pet.

Some foods, like canned diets, have a longer shelf life than others. Kibble and foods high in fat don’t last as long. Whatever the diet, make sure you store it as directed, away from heat and humidity.

It’s especially important to keep pets away from garbage where toxins from bacteria and mold can make them super sick. Don’t be fooled by that old adage that animals won’t eat anything that’s bad for them. Many will eat whatever they can get into.

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