Keep cats and dogs away from mushrooms

Keep cats and dogs away from mushrooms

With spring comes warm wet weather—perfect for growing mushrooms. And that can mean trouble for our furry friends.

Lots of mushrooms are poisonous, and toxic reactions can run the gamut. But most fall into 1 of 4 major categories. Many mushrooms cause digestive upset within 15 minutes to 6 hours after ingestion. Others can affect the kidneys. These can cause gastrointestinal signs, too, but they can be delayed for a week or so. By then, the kidneys may have been seriously damaged. Hallucinogenic mushrooms inflict neurologic signs, like tremors and seizures.

Worst of all are Amanita [ah-ma-NEE-tah] mushrooms. A nibble of death cap or death angel causes insidious and progressive liver failure that can be fatal within days.

So, keep your dog or cat away from all mushrooms—no matter how much they want to taste them.

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