It’s time to revisit year-round heartworm prevention

It’s time to revisit year-round heartworm prevention

It’s that time of year — when mosquitoes start bugging us again. Beyond inflicting uncomfortable bites, mosquitoes carry some daunting diseases, including heartworms, which can be deadly for dogs, cats and ferrets.

Heartworm disease isn’t just a problem in the summer or the warmest parts of the county. Heartworm infections occur in all 50 states and create year-round issues.

Once a mosquito injects heartworm larvae into an animal’s body, these immature forms travel to the heart and lungs where some can grow up to 12 inches long. The damage they inflict can be life-threatening without treatment, which is costly and grueling on its own. That’s why prevention is so worth the effort.

Most veterinarians now recommend year-round treatment with a heartworm preventative. Talk to yours about the best choice for your furry friend.

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