Is your horse’s runny nose a big deal?

Is your horse’s runny nose a big deal?

If your horse develops a runny nose, when is it time to worry? Chances are, it’s just a response to cold or dusty surroundings. On the other hand, it could signal something a lot more serious. How can you tell?

That’s for your veterinarian to determine — but you can provide valuable information by describing exactly what you see. For example, what color is the discharge — is it bloody, colorless or something else? Also notice if it’s clear or cloudy and if it has an odor. How much discharge is there — and is it coming from just one nostril or both?

In addition, notice your horse’s general demeanor, behavior, appetite and water intake. Monitoring changes in body temperature and eliminations is also helpful.

You can’t just run your horse into a clinic — but you can be the eyes for your veterinarian on the ground.

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