Is plant-based meat truly better?

Is plant-based meat truly better?

Is it impossible for meat options to be healthier than a juicy Beyond Burger?

Think again, friend.

Researchers in Singapore conducted a study of adults at risk for diabetes, comparing the health effects of plant-based meat substitutes to traditional meats.

The study included nearly 90 adults at risk for Type 2 diabetes. Over an eight-week span, half of the group ate meat. The other half ate meat substitutes made from plants.

The analysis, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found no significant heart health benefits for meat or the substitutes.

They reviewed study participants bad cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, among other health indicators. They found no significant changes in cholesterol profiles for either diet, although both diets led to improvements in blood sugar.

In one smaller group that closely monitored their blood sugar, the meat eaters managed their blood sugar levels better.

Animal meat contains more protein while plant-based meat has more sodium, potassium and calcium. Therefore, the study suggests, better blood sugar levels may come from traditional meat’s low-carbohydrate, high-protein composition.

While much research has found that plant-based diets hold many health-related benefits, all plant-based meat alternatives are not created equal. Some are heavily processed and may not be a good primary source of protein.

The researchers said they hope their study will encourage the food industry to continue working toward more nutritious plant-based meat alternatives.

No matter your burger preference, doesn’t it seem like a good time to fire up the grill?

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