Indoor cats need parasite prevention too

Indoor cats need parasite prevention too

You might think that indoor cats don’t need parasite preventatives. But these three3 parasites show why homebodies still need protection.

Fleas are notorious for clinging to shoes, pants and other pets that go outdoors. Not only do they cause itching and inflammation — they also spread tapeworms to cats.

Cockroaches and rodents can carry young roundworms and hookworms. So, when a cat catches and eats these prey animals, they ingest the parasites too, which cause a variety of feline digestive problems.

Finally, up to 30% of cats infected with heartworms live indoors only. The mosquitoes that carry heartworm can get inside and bite cats, just like they bite us.

Talk to your veterinarian about the various ways to protect your cat against parasites. An ounce of prevention makes all the difference.

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