Helping your senior dog cope with hearing loss

Helping your senior dog cope with hearing loss

As our dogs age, it’s common for their hearing to fail. But there are ways you can help your pooch to cope.

Dogs compensate so well that it’s tough to detect hearing loss until it’s severe. Your dog may stop noticing sounds that used to elicit a response or may startle when touched. Deeper than normal sleeping and excessive barking —sometimes a sign of anxiety — can be tell-tale signs too.

Dogs that are hard of hearing can be trained to respond to touch or flashing lights instead of spoken cues. Another option involves using a vibration collar, which produces a slight shaking when you press a remote-control button, prompting your dog to come to you. Of course, deaf dogs should always be leashed when they’re outdoors.

Your dog doesn’t need to hear to be happy, as long as you can quell his anxiety and keep him safe.

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