Helping pets keep their cool

Helping pets keep their cool

When it comes to our pets, summertime involves balancing pleasure and peril.

Many of our furry kids love to play in the sun, but they can overheat with too much exercise. Pets can also get dehydrated without enough fresh water and breaks in the shade. In fact, when it’s super-hot outside, it’s best to keep your pet comfy inside with A/C.

Animals with flat faces, elderly or obese pets, and those with heart or lung disease are at higher risk of overheating. Signs of heat stroke — like trouble breathing, weakness, disorientation or collapse — should set off alarms that your pet needs veterinary attention right away.

And of course, never leave your pet in a parked car for any length of time in the summer — even with the windows open. Because of often fatal results, some states have made it illegal.

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