Helping cats to bliss out

Helping cats to bliss out

Cats can develop behavioral and even medical problems when they’re stressed out. So, how can you help your feline friend bliss out instead?

Cats crave predictability, comfort and a sense of safety. When it comes to feeding, grooming and cleaning up, you can calm your cat by following a routine. That includes returning feline furnishings to their familiar spots after they’ve been moved. Also, keep in mind that cats like warm environments and cozy fixtures where they can curl up and nap.

On the other hand, loud noises, unpredictable lighting and strange smells can freak cats out. So, you might try playing soft music during the day and keeping lights dim or off at night. And don’t expose your cat to harsh chemical smells, perfumes or odors from potential predators.

Remember: a happy cat has a much better chance of being a healthy one.

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