Goats in the family

Goats in the family

Many folks appreciate the endearing nature of goats.  But before you think of adopting one, stop and consider their needs.

First of all, goats are virtually impossible to housetrain. They chew on everything and insist on climbing atop the highest perch available. So, any goats in the family should be kept outdoors.

Goats also need at least one goat buddy to be happy — and they need plenty of room. Even a pair of dwarf goats require at least one-eighth an acre to graze and kick up their heels. It’s got to be free of poisonous plants and full of foliage that can be eaten down to the roots.

As for a place to call home, a goat shelter should keep predators out, be well ventilated and have a surrounding 4-foot, escape-proof fence.

If you can check off these items, you might have what it takes for goats to join the family.

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