Giving goats what they need

Giving goats what they need

If you’re planning to adopt goats, you have to get up to speed on their diets and medical needs.


First, consider adopting dehorned goats if you have small children. Also, females and neutered males are less aggressive and smell better than intact bucks.

In addition to safe, fresh foliage, goats thrive on diets of high-quality hay supplemented with fruits and veggies. You don’t need to feed grain-based chows if your goats aren’t making milk. Besides, some goats get hooked on the chow and hound their humans incessantly.

True to their reputations, goats are quite hardy. However, they’re prone to intestinal parasites and need regular hoof trims.

Most small animal veterinarians don’t treat goats, so you may need to contact large animal clinicians. Whatever you do, establish a relationship early on before your goats need urgent care.

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