Getting the most out of veterinary visits

Getting the most out of veterinary visits

It’s easy to grumble if a veterinary visit doesn’t go as planned—but there’s a lot pet parents can do to maximize the results.

Before your pet sees a veterinarian for the first time, make sure any previous medical records are delivered to the clinic ahead of time.

On the day of the appointment, come prepared with current information, like all medications and supplements your pet is taking and what she’s eating. Be able to describe what you’re seeing at home and discuss any concerns. To that end, it’s not helpful to send someone in your place if they don’t know your pet.

Be open to the veterinarian’s questions and suggestions. Listen carefully and ask questions until you fully understand what’s being discussed.

Finally, follow the veterinarian’s recommendations. Remember—you’re part of a team committed to caring for your pet.

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