Getting pets into a new routine

Getting pets into a new routine

For lots of us, COVID dictated a new stay-at-home routine, and our pets have been basking in that extra time with Mom or Dad. But sooner or later, things will revert to a new normal and many wonder how their pets will fare.

It’s all about planning ahead. Start by waking up at your “old time,” then feed your pet and walk your dog as usual. Leave the house for longer periods each day — but not before you reward your pet with a treat when you go.

Every pet needs a happy place during anxious times, so be sure your pet has a comfy go-to spot for when you’re away. For some dogs, that might mean getting used to a crate.

Finally, make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise and Me time when you’re home. And keep an eye on any changes in behavior that could indicate your buddy’s having a tough time.

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