For the love of a greyhound

For the love of a greyhound

Many retired racing greyhounds need loving families. Have you ever thought of adopting one?

Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds don’t need hours of exercise. They’re usually happy with a couple of short walks each day and curling up for long naps in between. Greyhounds also don’t need palatial digs and they rarely bark.

Most greyhounds like the company of others, but they’re not used to other canine breeds. Also, greyhounds are hard-wired to chase smaller animals — anything from cats at home to squirrels on walks.

Racing greyhounds haven’t grown up in homes, so many things can be scary for them at first. They may even need to be housetrained. But the good news is that they love their crates and they’re fast to catch on.

Best of all? Most greyhounds are calm, affectionate animals that will quietly return the love you shower on them.

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