Following up on foreign objects

Following up on foreign objects

Lots of our canine companions are prone to chew and gulp down almost anything. But since some things pass on their own, it can be tough for pooch parents to know when to intervene.

For starters, any dog that swallows a potential toxin needs to be taken to an emergency veterinary clinic. Call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center if there’s a question about inducing vomiting.

Likewise, dogs that are choking or having difficulty breathing need to get to a veterinary clinic ASAP. The same goes if you see your buddy swallow an object of substance. If the object is sharp, do not induce vomiting.

Also, don’t touch any string hanging from your dog’s mouth or back end. Instead, leave it for the veterinarian to assess. Finally, prolonged or repeated vomiting or other unusual signs could indicate foreign body ingestion.

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