Focus on feline cognitive disorder

Focus on feline cognitive disorder

These days, it’s not unusual for cats to live into their late teens or later. But some of these seniors develop an Alzheimer-type disease called feline cognitive disorder, or FCD.

It’s easy to mistake FCD for behavioral issues. Some cats cry, wander aimlessly or get lost in their own homes. Others forget their fastidious litter box habits. Feline personalities can even take a 180-degree turn.

We can’t stop our cat’s brains from aging, but we can offer them mental boosts throughout life. First, make time for play every day—even if it’s just tossing a wad of paper or waving a ribbon in the air. Adding perches near windows is entertaining, too. And check out some of the cat toys that dole out treats.

The bottom line? Minding our cats’ mental acuity as much as their physical fitness can pay dividends during their golden years.

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