First aid for horse wounds

First aid for horse wounds

If you’re a horse owner, nothing makes your heart sink like seeing blood in your buddy’s stall — or worse yet, a fresh cut. But instead of panicking, keep these things in mind.

Try to enlist someone to restrain your horse while you evaluate the wound and assess the environment. Check if your horse is still bleeding, then look for clues to the amount of blood loss. Meanwhile, be alert to your horse’s demeanor and any other abnormalities.

If the wound is still bleeding, apply pressure while someone calls your veterinarian. You can create a compress from diapers, sanitary napkins or strips of a clean towel or blanket, then attach it using a stretchable bandage.

Most cuts, especially those involving the joints, legs, neck and head, as well as any penetrating wounds should be evaluated by your veterinarian ASAP.

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