Finessing feline care

Finessing feline care

We rely on a veterinary team to diagnose and treat our cats’ ailments, but treatment success also depends on our own nursing skills. These tips may help make your care ‘’cat-worthy.’’

First, set up a routine for giving oral medications at home. Try lining a bathroom sink with a towel to create a comfy spot for your cat during the process. Don’t force medication down; instead, talk quietly and offer positive reinforcement. However, don’t use your cat’s regular food as a treat, because she might start refusing it at meals.

Shallow dishes and bowls may make food and water more accessible. Also, try warming food and adding broth or tuna juice to make it more enticing. It also helps to offer small amounts of food frequently to keep it fresh.

Last, but never least, call the veterinary team if you have questions about your cat’s care.

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