Feline affection

Feline affection

You might think your cat only tolerates you because you’re the source of his food and water. But if you take notice, you’ll recognize the signs of his true affection.

For example, if your feline friend greets you eagerly at the door, it’s a sure sign he enjoys your company. Many cats, just like dogs, recognize their owner’s familiar sounds and start getting excited before the key is even in the door.

Your smitten cat might follow you around or hang out at your desk or in the bathroom while you shower. A long stare — or even a slow-motion blink — in your direction are other evidence of feline affection.

Meows and purrs are just more ways cats show they care. Cats only meow at people in their attempts to let us know how they feel. And a cat who thinks you’re the bee’s knees is more apt to tolerate your petting, hugs and kisses, too.

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