Feline acne? It’s painfully real

Feline acne? It’s painfully real

It may sound like a bad joke, but feline acne is no laughing matter. It’s a painful condition that can strike cats of any breed at any time.

As the name suggests, feline acne involves pimples, which form on a cat’s chin and less often on the lips. Some cats also develop painful inflammation, swelling and bleeding scabs. Secondary bacterial infection is common.

The cause of feline acne remains a mystery, but cats that undergroom or overgroom may be at risk. While some cats experience just one bout, others face a lifelong struggle. There’s no telling when a flare-up might occur and how painful it could get.

Fortunately, most cases of feline acne clear up after treatment with an antiseptic cleanser, an antibiotic and the right shampoo. So, if you see suspicious signs in your buddy, schedule a visit with your veterinarian.

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