Exotic spays

Exotic spays

We talk a lot about spaying cats and dogs, but did you know that other furry pets — as well as those with feathers or scales — can be spayed, too?

Exotic animals are spayed for various reasons. For example, rabbits are usually spayed to prevent uterine cancer, while spaying helps prevent breast cancer in rats. And the most common reason guinea pigs are spayed is to treat ovarian cysts.

Spays in very small mammals — like hamsters and mice — are usually reserved for those with reproductive disease. The same goes for birds and reptiles. The most common reason for spaying these animals is chronic egg-laying or difficulty passing eggs.

Exotic animals spays — especially in birds — carry higher risks than those in dogs in cats. The key is finding a veterinarian who has solid experience knowing when and how to perform the procedures.

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