Dogs dealing with the human condition

Dogs dealing with the human condition

Our canine buddies may be our biggest fans, even though they may not always understand what we’re doing.

For example, dogs are driven by smells and they actively sniff out their world. What must they think when we sit in one place and watch the world, often in front of screens?

Humans also have an aversion to being bitten. However, dogs learn to play and communicate by mouthing—not only with other dogs, but with us, too. Humans are quick to take offense when bites become rough, and that can be puzzling to dogs.

In the wild, dogs scavenge any food they can find, so rummaging through the garbage is natural for them. Because they may not understand our limits, it’s up to us to keep temptations out of reach.

Keeping these differences in mind can help us reach a comfortable middle ground with our canine companions.

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