Dog parks? Not the best place for pups

Dog parks? Not the best place for pups

If you’re planning to take your new puppy to the dog park for socialization, here’s some advice.

In pooch parent code, socializing means exposing puppies younger than 20 weeks of age to new situations. However, encountering older, stronger or more exuberant dogs at parks can be very confusing and scary for a puppy. That’s why dog parks aren’t the safest place for pups, especially those under 12 months old when they’re still super sensitive.

A better bet is to enroll in puppy classes so that your little pooch can interact with age-matched pals. That way, you also know more about the health and vaccination status of the dogs interacting with yours.

Remember, the goal of puppy socialization is to offer positive experiences. The more control you have over that, the better.

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