Dog dangers posed by rainy weather

Dog dangers posed by rainy weather

Dogs might have fun in the rain, but soaking showers can be dangerous unless you and your pooch are prepared.

Too much exposure to cold and rain can wreak havoc with a dog’s respiratory tract. That’s especially true for puppies, seniors and any pooch with a weakened immune system. You might consider getting your dog a waterproof coat, but regardless, towel off your dog when you get inside.

Drivers are at a disadvantage when rain obscures their vision. The danger is compounded if a dog spooked by lightning or thunder runs into the street in front of their vehicle.

The aftermath of rainy weather can be tricky, too. Standing water might be fouled with motor oil, lawn chemicals or infectious microbes like Leptospira or Giardia.  Dogs can lap these up or lick them off their paws.

You and your buddy can still enjoy spring showers. Just be prepared for the downsides.

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