Dog bathing 101

Dog bathing 101

Dogs keep themselves pretty clean under normal circumstances. But how often should we bathe them for a deeper cleaning?

Your sense of smell can help you make the call. If your buddy’s odor is overbearing, it’s probably bath time. But that shouldn’t be more than once a month.

Long-haired breeds generally need more frequent baths than short-haired ones. And because young puppies can’t control their body temperature well, hold off on that first bath until a pup is at least 8 weeks old.

If you’re the one doing the bathing, use a dog-safe shampoo and rinse it out well. For long-haired dogs, consider a deshedding shampoo and a doggie conditioner to help with mats.

Keep in mind that bathing a dog too often can dry their coat and skin. For dogs that already have skin or other health problems, ask your veterinarian for more advice.

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