Do you have what it takes for a cat?

Do you have what it takes for a cat?

Cats can make great companions — if you know what to expect and believe a cat will be compatible with your lifestyle.

To that end, the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests you answer some key questions. First, will a cat get along with your current pets? If so, do you have the time to give a cat the care and attention it needs? Cats require plenty of stimulation, social interaction and exercise. So, if you have long work days and lots of commitments, you may need to reconsider.

Cats also need to engage in normal feline behavior, so can you adapt your home to their exploration, predatory play and scratching? Also keep in mind that kittens need a lot more time and supervision than adult cats.

Finally, you’ll need a feline-friendly veterinarian to advise you on your cat’s diet and other health care needs.

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