Do dogs think we’re crazy?

Do dogs think we’re crazy?

One of the best things about dogs is their unconditional love. But that doesn’t mean we don’t confuse them sometimes.

For one thing, we leave them alone. Dogs, especially puppies, are very social, so it can be scary for them when we leave for hours on end.

Dogs are also very active and driven by smells. That runs up against our visual world and the time we spend sitting still — especially in front of screens.

Our canine companions can also be thrown for a loop when we change our shape — with different clothes and accessories — as well as our smell. They’re pretty much status quo on both counts.

Finally, humans like to hug. In nature, being pinned down — akin to hugging — is threatening to dogs, so they can have a tough time accepting it as a good thing.

It’s great that dogs are so flexible. That way, they can get used to our crazy habits.

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