Dental disease: avoiding the preventable

Dental disease: avoiding the preventable

It’s sort of amazing that dental disease remains one of the most common medical problems in pets, because most of it is preventable.

For one thing, make it a habit to look closely at your buddy’s mouth every couple of weeks or so. Red gums, bad breath or abnormal chewing are all red flags that should prompt a call to your veterinarian.

Brushing your pet’s teeth is also a great idea, but it’s not the only dental care option. Others include dental wipes or dental-friendly kibble or treats. Talk to your veterinary team about their recommendations for your pet.

Also, pay attention to treats and toys that can harm teeth — like bones, which top the list.

Finally, nothing takes the place of regular dental checkups and routine cleanings. You know how great it feels to have clean teeth, and you buddy is sure to appreciate it, too.

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