Deer and dogs

Deer and dogs: a risky business

If you’re a pooch parent, you’ve likely seen or heard how dogs chase deer. Just like their wolf ancestors, our canine companions may instinctively pursue the animals. So, it’s sobering to hear what can happen when the tables turn.

When deer feel threatened, they can strike back with their considerable strength and sharp hooves. Couple that with a doe’s protective instincts, and many dogs don’t stand a chance. If her fawn appears to be in danger, a doe will stomp, kick and do whatever it takes to deter the threat.

So, keep your eyes peeled for potentially dicey situations when you’re out walking your dog. You’re taking a real chance if you leave your dog unsupervised outside. Some dogs have met their demise during surprise encounters with deer, even within fenced-in backyards.

Remember: maintain a healthy respect for deer to help protect your pooch.

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