Dance your way to better health

Dance your way to better health

To our listening audience: It’s time to get your groove on and dance.

Dancing has surged in popularity over the last few years, with popular television shows focused on competitive dance, fitness studios offering belly dancing and line dancing classes, and the social media app TikTok inspiring dance-off challenges.

Why are so many people ready to cut loose and put on their dancing shoes? Dancing not only feels good for the body and soul, it also has great health perks. When you get up and dance, research has shown you can boost your emotional, mental and physical health. That’s because dancing requires that you employ balance, strength and concentration as you move to the music.

Research has supported the notion that dancing is more than just an easy way to have a good time. For example, one study of how physical activity affected 1,000 elderly Japanese women and their risk of becoming disabled found dancing had a great effect on helping these women remain independent as they aged, with women who frequently danced having a 73% lower chance of disability than those who did not dance.

Another study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found social dancing, like tango and ballroom dance, improved cognitive function and reduced the risk of developing dementia.

In general, dancing is a low-impact cardio workout that releases endorphins and can be done as a social activity or alone. Anyone can dance. If you’re ready to start, stand up, turn on your favorite music and move your body.

Go ahead, shake it like nobody is watching. Science shows dancing is good for you.

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