Creating a happy place in flight

Creating a happy place in flight

Everyone wants their pet to be comfy and cozy on a flight. With that in mind, here are five go-to items.

A carrier with a flexible wire frame and mesh sides can compress just enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Lining the carrier with housetraining pads will help keep it dry — and bringing extra pads will come in handy. Adding a plush bath towel is just the ticket for snuggling. A second towel serves as a cover when your pet needs extra peace and quiet.

Another useful item lets you squeeze water from a plastic bottle into an attached bowl. Any leftover water conveniently flows back down into the bottle.

Finally, download an app that contains searchable maps of airport terminals. That way, you can scope out pet-relief spots ahead of time.

An airline flight’s not home, but these items can help you and your pet find your happy place.

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