Close encounters with bats

Close encounters with bats

As bats lose their natural homes, they often find their way into ours. So, what do you do if you find one in your living space?

Ideally, the goal is to relocate the bat while keeping both of you safe. Keep your eyes on the animal so it doesn’t escape to another part of the house. Isolate it in the room, then open all windows and doors leading outside. It might help to turn on an outside light, which can draw bugs and entice the bat to feed.

If the bat doesn’t budge, use a box or net to trap it, wearing gloves but not touching it directly. Most bats can’t fly up from the floor. Once it’s contained, release the bat near a tree, preferably at dusk or later.

If anyone is bitten or comes in direct contact with the bat, take it to your veterinarian for rabies testing. If you can’t, contact your physician about a recommended treatment.

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