Cats sense of taste

Cats sense of taste

Cats are nature’s quintessential meat eaters, so they’re all about protein and fats. That’s why some of their cravings may surprise you.

For example, many cats go a bit mental for mushrooms—at least, the cooked variety. Since most cats walk away from fruits and veggies, that may be puzzling. But it’s the mushroom’s umami—or savory taste—they’re after. Umami is attributed to glutamate, an amino acid that helps build proteins. And cats have plenty of umami taste receptors.

What our feline friends don’t have are taste receptors for sweetness.  So, how can we explain why some cats crave ice cream or cake? It’s probably the fat or protein that draws them in.

All that said, it’s best to stick with meat-based diets for cats and leave mushrooms, ice cream and pastries alone. They’ll do just fine that way.

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