Canine distemper is lurking outside

Canine distemper is lurking outside

Even when we think our pets are protected, some threats can be looming just out of sight.

A case in point is canine distemper. Unvaccinated puppies and immunosuppressed dogs are at risk of contracting this highly contagious disease.

Thanks to effective vaccination, the incidence of canine distemper in dogs has declined in much of the United States. However, the disease can run rampant in wildlife — particularly in raccoons and skunks that might frequent your neighborhood. The virus is passed in bodily fluids that dogs can encounter outside, and you might track into your house.

So, don’t let your guard down. Get your dog vaccinated against canine distemper as soon as possible and keep your pooch away from unknown dogs and wildlife in the meantime. Canine distemper doesn’t give most dogs a second chance.

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