Calling young readers to shelter service

Calling young readers to shelter service

Many kids want to volunteer at animal shelters, but they’re often not allowed to unless their parents come along. However, there’s one heart-warming exception.

Dogs and cats relax when being read to, and many shelters invite kids to be their book buddies. Animals relish this one-on-one attention. What’s more, even the shyest among them gets curious and tends to edge toward the front of their enclosure near the reader. The interaction is nonthreatening, and reassures nervous animals that human company is a good thing. The more at ease they become with people, the more likely animals will be adopted.

Children benefit too, as they can practice reading in front of nonjudgmental listeners. After all, we all learn best when there’s no pressure to be perfect.

So if you know a young animal lover, consider this win-win opportunity.

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