Bumblebees are facing a perfect storm

Bumblebees are facing a perfect storm

It’s nearly time for bumblebees to come out of hibernation. With their warm fuzzy bodies, they’re usually the first bees to venture out in the spring and get to work.

As top-notch pollinators, bumblebees support all kinds of flowering plants, including economically important crops. That’s why it’s so alarming to see their numbers in free fall.

Global warming is a big factor, since bumblebees don’t fare well in hot weather. In addition, they can starve if their food sources are affected.

Toxic pesticides are also to blame, as is destruction of native habitats. Bumblebees also have to fight off infections and fend for themselves when non-native bees are brought in as commercial pollinators.

Bees can fight off one stressor, but this is a perfect storm. Stay tuned for ways you can help bumblebees in their fight for survival.

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